Driving the Future: Discover the 2024 Honda Prologue’s Connectivity Features with Casa Honda

September 14th, 2023 by

Honda Prologues Connectivity Features

Seamless Digital Integration Meets Adventure in Alamogordo

For those who regularly journey along 10th Street or cruise through the Lincoln National Forest to scenic Cloudcroft, the 2024 Honda Prologue promises a driving experience like no other. As Alamogordo embraces a greener, tech-forward future, Casa Honda is thrilled to introduce this full-electric SUV to our community.

Google Built-In & More: Alamogordo’s Digital Road Awaits

Gone are the days of clunky navigation systems or spotty connectivity. The 2024 Honda Prologue proudly presents the first Honda SUV integration of Google built-in. This cutting-edge feature debuted with the 2023 Honda Accord Touring hybrid, and now, it finds a perfect home in the Prologue. Whether you’re navigating to the local Albertsons or planning a weekend trip to Las Cruces, tools like Google Assistant and Google Maps make each drive intuitive and streamlined.

Speaking of Google Maps, EV owners get an optimized route for recharging, ensuring minimal wait times and fast journey continuations. Heading to Ruidoso for a weekend getaway? The system can not only find the charging stations along the way but also precondition the EV battery when nearing a DC Fast charging station. This technology means reduced charge times, so you can swiftly head back on the winding roads of New Mexico.

The Future of Connectivity and Comfort

Inside the Prologue, drivers will find a haven of technological marvels. The 11-inch digital driver display and the expansive 11.3-inch center touchscreen amplify ease of use. And for those music lovers cruising down US-70 lanes, the optional 12-speaker Bose premium audio system will envelop you in pure sound bliss.

Whether you’re heading to a local Alamogordo coffee shop or embarking on a longer trek to Cloudcroft, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ compatibility ensures your favorite tunes, podcasts, and apps are always within easy reach. And, lest we forget, the Prologue also introduces Honda’s inaugural pocket-type wireless smartphone charger—ensuring your devices stay juiced up for every adventure.

Stay Updated and Ahead

One of the Prologue’s standout features is its ability to receive Over the Air (OTA) software updates. These updates enhance both functionality and capability, ensuring your Honda remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Join the Casa Honda Family

Here at Casa Honda, we’re more than just a dealership. We’re a cornerstone of Alamogordo and the surrounding communities like Cloudcroft, Ruidoso, and Tularosa. Whether you’re seeking the latest Honda models, like the 2024 Prologue, or exploring our diverse range of used cars, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

As Alamogordo’s “Home of the Nice Guys!” we commit to providing unparalleled service, ensuring that every journey—whether on the local streets or the far-reaching roads of New Mexico—starts with Casa Honda.

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